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St Joseph Office Development
An Exciting New Office Development within Orleans Helping to Build a Better Community

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  • Development TeamOUR AMAZING TEAM


    Principal and President, Professional Accreditation


    • Member o f the Ontario Association of Architects
    • Member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
    • Member of the American institute of Architects

    Accomplishments / Achievements/Awards

    • Bachelor of Environmental Design, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba
    • Bachelor of Architecture with Distinction (Honours), Carleton University, Ottawa
    • Design Studies, Architectural Association, London, England
    • Ontario Masonry Design Award Winner, for100 Murray Street, 2010
    • City of Nepean Design Award for JDS Uniphase, Commercial Category, 2001
    • National BOMA Award for Best Office Building Renovation, Clarica Center, 1998
    • City of Nepean Design Award for JDS Fitel, Commercial Category, Headquarters, 1996
    • Number of years of experience: 29
    • Security Classification: CIISD Secret Clearance
    • Number of years with the firm: 15

    Personal Profile

    Richard is the principal of RICHARD CHMIEL ARCHITECT & ASSOCIATES INCORPORATED. He has been involved in a number of significant large scale commercial projects such as the ongoing redevelopment of the 1 Million ft2 CD Howe / 240 Sparks headquarters for Industry Canada and the office of the Auditor General for Canada, and the JDS Uniphase corporate headquarters completed in 2001. Other significant projects include "Telus House", in downtown Ottawa which achieved LEED Gold designation in 2009, and the Export Development Canada program and design, currently under construction.Mr. Chmiel's management skills contributed significantly in the success of the below architectural commissions, and he has consistently maintained a hands-on role, overseeing and facilitating the successful completion of all projects under his supervision

    Relevant Project Experience

    • Export Development Canada, Ottawa (Current - $N/A M); Principal in charge
    • Accreditation Canada, Office Building, 2009 ($13 M), Principal in charge
    • 240 Sparks / CD Howe Life Cycle Retrofit, Ottawa, 2000-2010, ($150M), Principal in Charge
    • Telus Regional Corporate Headquarters, LEED Gold, Ottawa ($23 M); Principal in charge
    • Murray Street Development, Ottawa: 2004-2006; ($13.5M) Principal in Charge
    • Carleton University David Azrielli Pavilion, 2001-2002 ($13.5 M) Principal in Charge.
    • JDS Uniphase, Global Headquarters, Ottawa, 2000-2002 ($40 M) Principal in Charge
    • JDS Uniphase, Office / Manufacturing Center, Ottawa: 1998-2000($100 M) Principal in Charge
    • MetLife / Clarica Centre, Ottawa, Canada: ($27 M) Partner in Charge.
    • World Exchange Plaza Mixed Use Development , 1993, Ottawa ($85M), Project Director.


    Personal Profile

    Over the last 35 years, since graduating from Queen's University in Civil Engineering, Graham Bird has had the great privilege to help build different parts of Ottawa -- to imagine what could be, to work with visionary partners, and then together, to build and achieve that vision.

    Graham is particularly adept at managing complex redevelopment projects, on time and on budget. He enjoys projects that are difficult, that call for new age solutions, and marry partners in law, finance, design, construction and all levels of government. He likes to do the projects that others may think are impossible, that takes him to the edge of his imagination.

    Graham has gained tremendous redevelopment experience over the years, and knows the importance of creating innovative business cases, in establishing thorough technical, legal and financial agreements, in transferring risk, and drawing out the very best of both sides in a public private partnership. Graham has played a leading role in the redevelopment of Canada Post's national headquarters, the World Exchange Plaza, the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport, the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, and many other major projects in the National Capital Region. He is tremendously proud of his recent project management of the new Ottawa Convention Centre, a stunning, iconic building unlike anything Canada has even seen. Ottawa has been revitalized with the intricate installation of over 1,000 glass panels to create a futuristic crystalline orb in the midst of the city's downtown core.

    Currently Graham is working for the City of Ottawa as project advisor for the redevelopment of historic Lansdowne Park, one of the most complex redevelopments the city has ever done.

    During the past 15 years, he has played an integral role in creating and developing complex development projects using the 'public private partnership' or P3 methodology. He is President of GBA, a development and project management company which focuses on alternative financing solutions. GBA's motto is – Imagine. Partner. Build.


    • Canadian Museum of Human Rights – Providing project management services and completion strategy for base building through to exhibit fit-up and public opening for this groundbreaking museum in the heart of Winnipeg. $350M LEED Silver facility scheduled to open in 2014.
    • Lansdowne Revitalization Project – Providing development and project management services to the City Manager's Office assisting with the coordination of all aspects of the revitalization of Lansdowne Park. This includes design approvals of public spaces, historical buildings, retail and the stadium/arena as well as the project management of financial performa, business case and legal agreements.
    • The Ottawa Congress Centre – Design Build and Arrangement of Specialty Services. Development/Project Manager and Owner's Representative for the redevelopment of a 400,000sqft LEED Silver accredited convention centre. Responsible for the preparation of a feasibility study, business case planning, leading the project management team through a design/build procurement and construction implementation and coordination of the federal, provincial and municipal stakeholders involved. Project scope also included the complete "sale of business" in the areas of facility management, food services and IT/Technology Systems.
    • Algonquin College Expansion - Development and P3 (AFP) Advisor to the college for the development of a $75million - $100million construction trades training facility and future health sciences complex.
    • The Royal Ottawa Hospital Design, Build, Finance and Facility Service Operations – Development/Project Manager and Owner's Representative for all aspects of the Public-Private Redevelopment project, the first in Canada's healthcare system. The project contracts, including the initial construction contract and facility operations put in place for 23 years, had a NPV of $250million. This role included the coordination of finance, legal, construction, out-sourcing of all facilities management and transition of staff and patients to the new facility.
    • Confederation Heights/Canada Post Headquarters – with a development program of over 2.5million sqft , GBA, as a leading member of the development team, began with a business case analysis which determined the course of action taken in this large scale public-private redevelopment project. Situated in Canada's capital, one of the largest land use collaborative was struck between the private sector and all levels of government. The technical, legal and financial agreements were complex and extensive, an integral part of GBA's management responsibilities.
    • World Exchange Plaza – development valued in excess of $250M. GBA was involved in all aspects of this office/retail complex from conception, design, development, lease negotiations and site operations.
    • Ottawa Chambers - GBA was an integral part of the development team, managing the project from conception to completion. The complex now provides for private and public commercial operations including the headquarters for the National Capital Commission and a public-private initiative that resulted in a creative development solution; one that was financially successful for both sectors.
    • Ottawa Airport Authority – As one of the founding members in this unique effort to bring the private and public sectors together, Graham Bird, as co-chair, established the company and the Authority as a legitimate entity and negotiated long-term arrangements with the federal government.


    • Ottawa International Airport Authority – founding member and past vice chair
    • Ottawa University Executive MBA – Advisory Board.
    • Ottawa Civic Hospital
    • Children's Aid Society
    • Community Care Access Corporation – past Chairman
    • Ottawa Carleton Board of Trade – past Chairman
    • Forum for International Trade Training
    • Children's Hospital Foundation
    • OC Economic Development Corporation
    • Salvation Army Advisory Board

  • City of Orleans beautiful

    View Larger Map

    Ottawa Vacancy Rates Hight/Low

    Market with lowest vacancy rates
    Byward Market 4.84%
    Ottawa East 5.48%
    Downtown 5.51%
    Gloucester 5.50%
    Market with largest quarterly decrease
    Nepean -0.75%
    Byward Market -0.16%
    Market with largest vacancy rates
    Kanata 16.91%
    Nepean 11.46%
    Ottawa West 8.24%
    Centretown 5.97%
    Market with largest quarterly increase
    Kanata +2.26%
    Ottawa East +0.81%
    Centretown +0.73%
    Gloucester +0.59%
    Downtown +0.31%
    Ottawa West +0.26%

    Orleans Town Centre Site Plan

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  • LIGHT RAIL TRANSITpublic transportation










  • INFRASTRUCTUREurban planning

    Interprovincial Bridge between Ottawa and Gatineau

    This Environmental Assessment (EA) Study is a component of the long-term transportation planning by the Federal, Provincial and Municipal authorities in the National Capital Region (NCR). The purpose of this Study is to assess potential interprovincial bridge locations and the corridors leading to and from them.

    A new bridge will be an important addition to the Region’s landscape and will shape the development, growth and vibrancy of the area, for well into the future. As the Region will experience considerable increases in population and employment, a new bridge will be essential in helping to alleviate transportation issues resulting from that growth. In addition, there are major commercial and social exchanges between Ontario and Quebec, and specifically between the Cities of Ottawa and Gatineau. A new bridge will be a major facilitator for a more integrated economy and an enhanced cultural and social cohesion between both cities. [ more ]

    Street widening to 4 lanes St Joseph Boulevard from On Ramp to Trim Road

    The City of Ottawa has initiated the design assignment for the widening and realignment of Trim Road, from OR174 to Innes Road, as recommended in the City’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP) (2008). [ Project Details ]

    Street widening to 4 lanes St Joseph Boulevard from On Ramp to Trim Road



    Highway 174 - Widening

    Ontario is investing more than $200 million to widen Highway 417 from Nicholas Street to Ottawa Road 174. The project will create over 1,800 jobs, ease traffic congestion and pave the way for light rail transit in the nation's capital.


    http://news.ontario.ca/opo/en/2011/06/highway-417-expansion-moving-forward.html http://www.stephenblais.ca/en/news/item/extend-lrt-to-orleans-sooner-planner  

    Zoning Information Committee Decision Letter Committee of Adjustment Letter

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